Safe and Secure Electronic Monitoring of Participant Activity

Safe and Secure  Electronic Monitoring of Participant Activity

Law enforcement, community corrections agencies, and courts across the country use electronic monitoring for location tracking and house arrest as an alternative to incarceration. Program participants must comply with the terms of their release into the community.

Guardian offers tools to confidently monitor participant's activity while in the community. A variety of monitoring technologies are available.

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Equipment for Home Monitoring

  • GPS Tracking Equipment for Location Tracking

  • DNA platform for Participant Management

  • Voice-Verification Systems for Self-Reporting

Comprehensive Monitoring Services

Comprehensive Monitoring Services

Electronic Monitoring

Guardian offers a continuum of location monitoring, home monitoring, remote alcohol monitoring, radio frequency monitoring, and passive/active GPS tracking, all integrated into our intelligent participant management platform.

Substance Abuse Monitoring

Guardian provides drug screening and testing services for participants with court-ordered regular or random drug testing.

Domestic Violence

Powerful electronic monitoring technology helps law enforcement in the fight against domestic violence.

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Voice Verification

Automated voice verification systems for low-risk probationers simplify self-reporting. The time and date of each check-in are recorded and reported according to agency guidelines.

Alcohol Monitoring

Comprehensive remote helps supervising agencies conduct real-time and passive alcohol testing on participants. Guardian offers:

  • Deep-Lung Breath Alcohol Testing